guess who will skype with their friend from England this night again?

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I look creepy today but I wanted to show you my hat and my blouse. so just look at them.

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Every now and then I need to remind myself of this. We all can be that other person.

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Benedict Cumberbatch MSN Exclusives Interview [x]

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some informational venn diagrams on bisexuality

I am pretty sure that being perceived as straight while in a relationship with a woman, explicitly being exempt from being called diseased by family members and not having to fear negative consequences like getting fired from talking about my relationship, counts as some kind of privilege?

Hint: it’s straight privilege.

fun facts for you, studies have actually found that bisexuals have similar or higher levels of STI infections compared to gay and lesbian monosexuals, probably because of the lack of bisexual-friendly health care; one of the first times bisexuals ever got any public attention was during the midst of the aids crisis when straight people were blaming us for spreading aids to them; and bisexual men are not allowed to donate blood in the U.S. and a bunch of other countries either and any of their female sexual partners have to wait six months after their last sexual encounter to donate. bisexuals getting called diseased? check.

more fun facts! the pew research survey of lgbt americans found that a high percentage of gay and lesbian monosexuals reported that their work places were very accepting of their identity than bisexuals—60% of gay men and half of lesbian women, compared to 44% of bisexuals. this probably contributes to the fact that, while only 8% of gay men and 6% of lesbians say that they are not out at their place of work, over half of bisexuals report being closeted at work.

as for being perceived at straight-weirdly enough, that’s not a phenomenon exclusive to bisexuality! it’s almost as if we live in a heteronormative society in which anyone not doing something explicitly not straight at this very moment is automatically assumed to be straight (excluding people with non-conforming gender expressions, who are automatically assumed to be not straight)—oh wait, we do! and yet no one ever says that gay and lesbian monosexuals who are not in a relationship, or who are stopping by the grocery store to pick up some cereal without their significant other, have straight privilege! i wonder why?

oh right. biphobia. that’s why.

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Benedict Cumberbatch Time Out London Magazine Interview

Open the last image in New Tab to read content.

He seems nice, clever, and human. I enjoyed.

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I just got the box from my English friend Lucy! and omg it was just filled with a lot of British stuff and everything was so perfect! I just want to open the box again and again to look at all this lovely stuff!

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bonus to… Benedict Cumberbatch and the tongue thing

(all done with PS, Yay!!!)

I can never get too much of the tungue thing….

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- John, can I kiss you?
- What?

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